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Kyomaki Gift Set (Rolled paper gift set)

The Kyomaki Gift Set (rolled paper gift set), is a three-piece set that includes a kyo-makigami tissue roll, kyo-gami pocket tissue, aburatorigami facial oil blotting paper, and beppin-san (meaning “beautiful lady”) roll, from a Kyoto washi general store and washi life store. The 100% pure pulp kyo-makigami and kyo-gami are high-quality paper tissue produced with the water of the Niyodo River used in Tosa washi from Kochi prefecture, and traditional techniques. The kyo-karakami used in fusuma sliding doors and wallpaper since long ago has been adorned with a traditional ryusui flowing water pattern. The beppin-san roll is in a hard roll-type case. When oil is wiped away, a hidden pattern emerges on the paper, making staying beautiful fun. This set is portable and convenient for using just the amount you need. Why not put a bit of Kyoto mood in your everyday life with this three-piece set?