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KUROCO Kuro no Edo Kiriko Tamaichimatsu Old-fashioned glass (Glasses cut in Edo Kiriko style)

Edo Kiriko is a traditional glass cutting craft that has developed and flourished in Tokyo. Its roots can be traced back to the 19th century, when glass craftsmen began cutting exquisite patterns on glassware in imitation of Western glasswork. Gradually, new techniques were developed, and the art of Edo Kiriko became more refined and sophisticated with time. Edo Kiriko used colorless and transparent cut glass, but the technique of overlaying colored glass (irokise) has become the mainstream method. Cutting the colored parts of the glass produces delicate and elaborate relief patterns. Jet-black is known as the most-difficult color, but KUROCO boasts brilliant coloration and vibrant contrasts. The simple modern design with its clean straight lines naturally blends into the contemporary living space. The appearance of the glass changes depending on the angle of the light, so its beauty is always fresh and appealing. KUROCO is an exquisite product that brings new perspectives to the world of Edo Kiriko.