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Kuro Amazake (Non-alcoholic amazake made from rice koji with black koji mold)

Amazake Sweet Sake
Amazake is a drink made from rice porridge and rice malt (microbes essential to brewing products such as miso and sake). Alcohol free and rich in vitamins, though made without sugar or sweeteners, it has a mellow sweetness. Amazake is served to visitors making their first shrine visit at New Year’s, and is drunk in the summer to prevent heat fatigue and restore strength. Chuko Awamori Distillery has made the most of black rice malt and the Okinawan climate to develop its own incredible brewing method. The resourceful brewery has discovered something else to like about awamori, which is strongly associated with local sake. Kuro Amazake made from black rice malt contains more citric acid than traditional amazake for a tart, refreshing flavor. It is delicious drunk chilled as is, or mixed with soy milk.