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Kumamoto Yamaemura-san Egomaabura (Perilla oil)

Perilla is an extremely robust plant that can even be grown in poor soil and cold areas. It has been cultivated in Japan for more than 5500 years for oil to provide light and for food. At one point the cultivation of perilla declined with the appearance of rapeseed, which has high production efficiency, but recently it has been garnering attention as a healthy oil that contains the excellent substance, alpha-linolenic acid. Perilla oil from Horiuchiseiyu Co., Ltd. is made only from perilla organically farmed by a local farmer’s association. Since its founding, the company has been conscientious about using the traditional method of compression and first-pressed oil. A method utilizing warm water settles impurities for removal. Using skilled techniques cultivated over many long years, the oil is carefully watched, and the inherent rich aroma of perilla is drawn out. The fine flavor only attainable through manual production envelops the palate.