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Kokusan Nerigoma (Kuro) (Japanese black sesame seed paste [black])

Kahoku Seiyu manufactures foods using seasonal ingredients harvested from local lands. The company believes that body and land are indivisible, and all the ingredients should be used completely. Kokusan Nerigoma (Kuro) is made by slowly roasting black sesame seeds from Kyushu in a pot using firewood, then grinding them with a traditional stone mortar to make the most of the quality and rich flavor of the black sesame seeds.

[Producer’s Remarks]
Sesame seeds produced in Japan are precious ingredients that comprise only 0.5% of the sesame seeds consumed. The paste is made from black sesame seeds domestically produced without agrochemicals, so they are safe to eat. They have a strong flavor and are truly a delicious, unadulterated food from Japan. The paste tastes great spread on toast, or added in small amounts to dressings.(Jens H. Jensen)