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Kohiki no Utsuwa (Pottery bowl)

Finding clay which serves as the raw ingredient for pottery pieces is extremely important to ceramic artists. When they have found clay they like, many ceramic artists continue using that clay. Mr. Kangawa values creating ceramics using clay from the town in which he personally lives. The clay used in this tableware is from Hiroshima, where Mr. Kangawa resides and maintains a kiln. Clay acquired from the foot of the mountain in Kure, Hiroshima prefecture is used as a base, while white clay from Hiroshima is used for finishing touches. Through trial and error, he has grasped the character of the iron-rich Hiroshima clay to create pieces with depth that reveal his appreciation of the clay. The tableware has a rich essence that hints at a feeling of joy for everyday living. The simple texture can be paired with any kind of cuisine, whether it is Japanese, Chinese, or Western.