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Kito Yuzu Yuzumitsu (Yuzu citrus syrup)

Jam/Syrup/Honey/Starch Syrup
Yuzu, valued for its unique sweet and sour tanginess and fragrance, is an important citrus fruit in Japanese cooking and seasoning. The fruit has been used since ancient time in Japan to remove negative energy and is said to prevent colds when added to baths during the winter solstice. Located i n the mountainous region of Tokushima prefecture, the Kito area grows exceptional yuzu. The region’s extreme temperature differences and thick fog cover in the mornings and evenings produces highly fragrant yuzu that offer a perfect combination of sour and sweet. Ogonnomura is devoted to freshness and hand-squeezes yuzu picked from its own local farm within 24 hours of harvesting. Since mechanized squeezing can leave some of the peel’s astringency in the juice, resulting in less than perfect flavor, this process is worked by hand. For the 1:4 dilution Kito Yuzu Yuzumitsu syrup, Ogonnomura adds Japanese honey to the yuzu fruit juice. Mix the syrup in hot water or cool sparkling water for a refreshingly sweet and tangy yuzu drink.