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Kishu Nanko Kanjuku Umeshu Taru (Barrel-aged plum liqueur)

Japanese Plum Liquor
This is a top-class plum liqueur crafted with nankobai, the best type of plum from Wakayama prefecture, whose specialty is plums. Because nankobai ripen on the tree, they are not suitable for transporting, and are used to make plum liqueur in a way that only the city of Tanabe can. Since the times of the Manyoshu (a collection of Japanese poetry compiled in the 8th century) the Japanese have loved the plum, making plum liqueur a special treat created from developments unique to Japan. From those roots we go to the beginning of the Edo period where this alcohol now enjoys a history of over 300 years. Nakatafoods Co., Ltd. which makes Kishu Nanko Kanjuku Umeshu Taru, is a veteran with 118 years in the business. The techniques and original production methods cultivated over a century and passed down over the generations resulted in the superb Kishu Nanko Kanjuku Umeshu Taru, with the fruity aroma of plums and aged in oak barrels used for wines and spirits.