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kime TAPE MEASURE (Tape measure in wooden container)

Kime is the Japanese word for texture or wood grain. The products of the kime brand are jointly developed by DREAMY PERSON, Inc., a company that specializes in wooden crafts located in Asahikawa, a region with prosperous woodworking industry, and designer Mikiya Kobayashi. Their products boast a combination of beautiful texture and soft and warm touch. One of these products, kime TAPE MEASURE, is an automatically-winding practical measuring tape that can measure lengths of up to 200cm. Compact (only 5.2cm in height) and light-weight, it features excellent portability. As a measuring tape, its wooden case has a soft natural feel. This unique combination is made possible by the experienced craftsmen and their extensive knowledge of wooden materials. The measuring tape comes in three variations made of maple, cherry, or walnut. Users can enjoy the variety in the look of the skillfully craft ed wooden cases.