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Kawagoe-imo Shiho Kanmitsu Chuemon (Sweet potato)

Kawagoe has been known for producing the finest sweet potatoes in Japan ever since the Japanese cultivation of this vegetable first started in the 17th century. Of all Kawagoe’s famous sweet potatoes (Kawagoe-imo), the finest of all is the Kanmitsu Chuemon variety belonging to the Shimadaya Sohonke farm. This farm dates back to 1694, when the feudal clan ruling over the Kawagoe area ordered the opening of Santome Shinden, an agricultural area which extends into the region currently occupied by the town of Miyoshi (in the district of Iruma) and the city of Tokorozawa in Saitama prefecture. Ever since this time, Kawagoe-imo sweet potatoes grown here have been protected with unique standards and cultivation techniques to maintain the quality of the authentic product. These extraordinarily luxurious techniques involve letting each field lie fallow for up to five years, during which time barley is grown and returned to the soil as compost rather than being harvested. These Kawagoe-imo, five years in the making, boast a soft, fluffy and creamy texture and an extraordinarily sweet flavor. So sweet are these sweet potatoes that even professional buyers sometimes cannot help wondering if sugar has been added to them; no one who tries one can forget the flavor.