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Karakami Kit “Shiki”  (Four seasons card-making stamp kit)

Calligraphy Paper/Ink/Calligraphy Pens/Paperweights
Karakami, a paper art that came from the Tang Dynasty of China more than 1,200 years ago, is still produced today in Japan as a traditional handicraft. The beauty of this art transcends the ages and is loved as an indoor decoration on fusuma sliding doors and wallpaper. With the Karakami Kit “Shiki”, you can print traditional patterns of Kyoto Karakami by your hand. This is a top-shelf item overflowing with elegance with its real wood blocks and pigments. Because the instructions are complete with pictures, those from overseas can easily create prints. After creating Kyoto Karakami, you can add a message to use them as postcards. The included paulownia box is also perfect as a gift for a special person. Experience the delicate beauty of Japanese sensibilities through this traditional Kyoto handicraft.