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Kaoru Cup (Pottery cup)

From olden times, Japanese culture has included Sado (the tea ceremony) for entertaining guests with tea. Takatoriyaki ceramics, which have a history of about 400 years, have long been loved by people for their use in the ceremony. Takatoriyaki is distinguished by its thinness and traditional blend of glaze colors. At Setuzan Onimaru’s workshop, the painstaking manufacturing process starts by collecting soil and working with wood ash and straw ash by hand. By firing the items in a firewood kiln, he produces ceramics that will live on, transcending eras. Thanks to a shape that exploits the distinctive features of Takatoriyaki, the Kaoru Cup is a receptacle that firmly delivers a drink’s accumulated fragrance to the mouth and nose, and conveys the inherent flavor more smoothly and directly. A feeling of the elegance of history and tradition emanate from its body.