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Kani no Awayuki (Snow crab powder)

Processed Foods (seafood)
Kani no Awayuki has a light, feathery texture reminiscent of delicate snow. It is an extravagant, fresh furikake seasoning containing the meat from the legs of 1.5 snow crab in a single package. Originally, it was a winter delicacy familiar only to those in the know that was served to regular customers at Kaikatei, a historic Japanese-style restaurant in Fukui prefecture. The carefully shredded meat of the snow crab legs is marinated in local sake from Fukui, then simmered steadily at low heat for three hours and mixed with vinegar. The sweetness of the crabmeat and slight tartness gently melts on the palate. It is a delight eaten as is, but when spread atop freshly steamed rice the umami of the crab is multiplied to make the white rice even more delicious. Though there are many kinds of foods that have been eaten together with steamed rice since long ago, Kani no Awayuki is an especially exceptional dish.