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Kamiwaza Meishiire (Business card holder made of washi)

Name Card/Business Card Cases
Asakurashigyo Corporation was established in the city of Tsuyama, Okayama prefecture in 1897 as a producer and wholesaler of washi (Japanese paper), moving to the city of Kanazawa in Ishikawa prefecture, the capital of traditional handicrafts in 1967. Only pure domestic washi is created with carefully selected materials as the base, and then it is combined with hand-dyeing techniques that use Kanazawa gold foil, ink, gold leaf, lacquer, and persimmon juice. They provide a wide range of products from washi lighting and decorative wall and space items to small accessories that can be enjoyed anywhere. The Kamiwaza business card holder features a traditional Japanese design that is both simple and modern at the same time with a lightness and texture only available from washi. The Kaga traditional kamiko technique of making clothes out of paper are used for a strong product so you never have to worry about fuzzing or tearing. The luxurious texture of the materials conforms to your hands the more you use it for a thor oughly appealing texture.