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Kami Glass (Wooden glass)

The Kami Glass is a simple cup that takes advantage of the beauty of handsome wood grain. As the name Kami Glass implies, at 2mm thick it is as thin as paper. The idea for this cup came from the second-generation owner of Hokkaido furniture manufacturer, Takahashi Kougei. Using naturally grown local Hokkaido wood and taking advantage of high-level wood processing techniques, a modern item was born. The seamless form was made by using a potter’s wheel to shave the wood and a file to smooth the rough edges to create the perfect mouth feel. Wood has a low level of heat conduction so the cup can be held by the bare hand even when filled with hot water and will also keep the drink’s temperature. In addition, it’s perfect for use by children as there is no worry that the cup will shatter. The cup is filled with the feeling of those who love wood and exudes a simple warmth.