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Kaki no Ushioni (Boiled oysters)

Processed Foods (seafood)
The Mangoku-ura Bay in Ishinomaki City is a modern aquafarming base for cultivating oysters. Young shells are exported to the US and France, and about 70% - 80% of the global production of oysters has its roots in the seed oyster farms of Miyagi. The region boasts excellent natural conditions for cultivating oysters. The rivers of two mountain systems, the Ou Sanmyaku Mountains and the Kitakami Sanchi Mountains, carry abundant nutrients from the lush forests into the rich sea of the Sanriku region where the Oyashio Current collides with the Kuroshio Current. This product is prepared in the traditions of skilled fishermen, by simmering freshly shucked oysters only in their own delicious juice, without adding or subtracting anything. The oysters are preserved plump and supple as if char-broiled in their own shells. Enjoy their rich and creamy texture, and use the nutritious broth to prepare nourishing tofu and vegetable dishes. This outstanding product of the Sanriku region guarantees a totally enjoyable culinary experience in preparing a wide variety of dishes: oyster rice, oyster pepperoncino, oyster gratin, and so on.