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Kabegami GILDING (Wallpaper)

This luminous wallpaper was created by applying both the traditional ozuwashi technique of Aichi prefecture and gilding technique of France. Further, it is the product of a Frenchman with an interest in Japanese paper that came together with a local and traditional producer, Ikazaki Shachu Inc. In 2008, a French designer moved with his family from France to the town of Uchi, and stayed for about two years. During this time, he was inspired by the richness of the nature and people around him and put this inspiration into his designs. He even worked to show the craftsmen of Ikazaki Shachu gilding techniques. Through this collaboration and the melding of styles from the East and West, a truly unique wall treatment has been born. It can be cut and applied in panels or used in other creative ways off the wall. While keeping some of the Japanese flair, this wallpaper gives any room an added sense of luxury.