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Japanese Rose Water -hamanasu- (Aromatic distilled Japanese rose water from Aomori)

This rose water, extracted from petals of the native “Japanese rose” of the Rosaceae plant family and indigenous to the northern country, was created as a part of the “Japanese Rose Project” (a project connecting the forests, the seaside and the people). This project was started with the purpose of utilizing and sharing the plant resources of the region and expanding the number of visitors to it for the enrichment of the land and its people. It was born out of the concept of the Japanese rose scent taking “form” and becoming an “experience” to be enjoyed. It has been produced in a more low-temperature environment than usual, with salt water immersion (salt doesn’t remain due to the distillation) as well as distillation under reduced pressure. The result is an aromatic distilled water that is just a little sweet, refreshing, and possesses a subtle scent. Contains 100ml; light-shielding glass bottle; with spray function.
※ With engineering guidance from the Industrial Research Institute of the Aomori Prefecture Industrial Technology Research Center.