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Itoko Kinu Garasusei Ti Teburu (Sado Ryureidai Kinotsuki (Silk Art Tea Table for Japanese Tea Ceremony) )

Crafted by Itoko, a long-established maker of fine white fabrics used in kimono, this tea table is equipped with a pull-out section for performing the ryurei style of tea ceremony, fitted with a “silk glass” top panel in which woven silk is displayed under a layer of glass. Ryurei refers to a form of tea ceremony in which the participants are seated upon chairs rather than on the floor while the tea is made; the equipment used during such a ceremony is referred to as ryurei-dai. In the front of the table a traditional Japanese oil lamp is fitted (alternatively, an LED light can be used, which is also compatible with use outside Japan), shaded by woven silk fronted with a glass-fiber sheet. Traditional woven patterns decorate the panels, giving this beautiful table a real touch of class. Although the tea ceremony was traditionally performed on a floor covered with tatami matting, a table such as this allows this art to be experienced from the ease and comfort of a chair. But the real appeal of this table is the way it lends itself not just to tea ceremony itself, but to everyday use—for casual tea parties with guests, and simply as an exquisite piece of interior furniture in the modern Japanese style.