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Bath Goods/Towels
Yokohama is a city that has produced many of “Japan’s firsts.” It is also the birthplace of Japan’s domestic soap production. Isoemon Sekken, Japan’s first domestic soap, was produced in Yokohama by Tsutsumi Isoemon. ISOEMON SAVON is a faithful reproduction of that soap. Made using the actual metal molds used at the time, which were kept at a museum, the soap package has a label printed off of a soap label owned by a descendent of Isoemon. The face of the soap bears a relief said to be designed by Isoemon himself. The meticulous and beautiful design exudes a truly Japanese sensitivity. While vegetable oil is the predominant ingredient in soap the world over, this product sticks to using traditional domestic beef tallow and is made with care in a large cauldron through a slow chemical reaction.