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Iro Kesho Cup (Cups in colored glaze)

Mr. Yaoita studied pottery at a junior college of art and has since been freely creating pieces with his unique worldview. This cup is made of white clay from Shigaraki, an area steeped in the tradition of pottery production, and has a strong expressiveness that is much like a modern work of art. The colorful exterior was achieved by adding colors in layers in a technique called irokesho, an original method developed by Yaoita. It’s quite a complex process that no one before him had thought to try. When gazing at it, its aura is reminiscent of a scene in a movie: quiet, poetic, and full of heart. On one hand, it’s simply a functional cup with a handle, but on the other, it’s perfectly suitable for displaying only. This piece that will add some vivid color to your everyday life, with the added bonus of knowing each cup is a unique creation.