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Ice Flower

An “ice flower” is a fresh flower that has been freeze-dried by being frozen very briefly at minus-30℃ and then dried in a vacuum. Unlike regular preserved flowers which lose their natural color and have to be dyed, ice flowers retain their natural colors and textures. The other distinctive feature of ice flowers is their variety: whereas only around 20 or so types of flowers can be preserved using traditional preservation processes, ice flowers can be created from more than 100 flower species. Created from living flowers selected at the moment when they are at their most beautiful and enclosed in gel in their natural state so that their loveliness can be enjoyed for far longer, ice flowers can become long-lasting keepsakes. Moreover, the user can store a special keepsake with the flowers, making them into highly personal works. Each designed to be one-of-a-kind in the world, ice flowers are a beautiful way to keep memories alive.