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Hinaga Uchiwa-kaoru (Scented Hinaga fan)

Folding Fans/Paper Fans
Uchiwa-style fans are a feature of Japanese summers. However, traditional bamboo uchiwa have been falling into disuse. Hinaga Uchiwa-kaoru (Kaoru, Hinaga fan), is a bamboo fan created by an established shop upholding the history of 300-years of Hinaga Uchiwa. The fans are made from a single bamboo plant, so its handle is rounded, fitting comfortably in the hand. Holding it gives off a cool refreshing sensation. What sets this product apart from other fans is its fragrance. Aroma beads are inserted in the top of the handle. A dropper that comes with the fan is used to pour fragrance oil onto the beads through the bamboo frame. The fragrance fades away with time, but resoaking the beads with oil can revive the fragrance. This ingenuity of added fragrance to a traditional craft product offers the sensation of a cool Japanese breeze.