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Higasa (Parasol)

This parasol brand meticulously creates each of its products one piece at a time. The maker’s name, “Coci la elle,” comes from a Japanese word pronounced similarly and meaning, “to raise,” but spelled koshiraeru. The goal of the maker is not to make things for the sake of making things, but to create items that hold their true meaning. Each of its parasols is like a blank canvas that is painted freely, softly, and so that it looks beautiful even when closed and with a feminine aesthetic. When observed carefully, each piece should be able to tell its own poetic story. Even when you might be reluctant to go out in the fiercest heat, this parasol will make you want to go outside, because you can feel how strong it is against the sun. The attractiveness of these parasols will make anyone want to add them to their fashion repertoire, even in Europe and America, where they aren’t very common.