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Hidasuki Cup Saucer (Cup and saucer in Bizen pottery)

Hidasuki Cup Saucer is an exquisite example of Bizen pottery. Hidasuki is the name of the fiery scarlet pattern created by wrapping the ceramic green body of the items with rice straw before placing them in the furnace. The pattern has a simple rustic feel about it. The Bizen pottery, which has been created in the town of Bizen since around the 12th century, is made only with Bizen clay, rice straw and fire without glaze or ceramic painting. That is why it is also known as “the art of earth and fire.” Bizen pottery has many fine examples of tea ware, and was favored by the famous master of the tea ceremony Sen no Rikyu. Clay is particularly important for Bizen pottery. High-quality pot clay is meticulously kneaded to remove air bubbles so that the item does not break during baking. The items are then baked for a long time in the furnace to tighten their core. This process extracts the natural feel and appearance of the clay, creating the warm and soft ambience for which Bizen pottery is so famous. The cup and saucer with a fiery pattern are a wonderful example of this art. Simple and warm, they all but emanate the natural fragrance of the Bizen earth.