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Haze Rosoku (Japanese wax tree candles)

Warosoku traditional Japanese handcrafted candles from Shiga prefecture. Instead of paraffin as used by Western candles, warosoku are made of wax from the fruit of sumac and wicks of rush grass wrapped in Japanese washi paper. Haze Rosoku have been handmade layer by layer with 100% sumac w ax since the founding of Daiyo, 101 years ago. Each unscented candle is a long-lasting work of beauty that keeps the form of its flame.

[Producer’s Remarks]
The wax and wicks of these Japanese-style candles are made from only natural materials, meanwhile protecting the traditional methods of craft. These candles are made to produce an unwavering, beautiful flame that doesn’t interrupt the time of those surrounding it. The light of these candles is not only for religious observances but also for daily life.(Shigeki Hattori)