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Hana Kusudama

“Kusudama”, brocade bags containing scents and medicinal herbs, are traditional goods that in old times were kept in order to ward off evil. This product revives the kusudama as a contemporary interior item using the techniques of origami. The whole production process is by hand, including the careful pasting together of 270 square papers one by one. The delicate beauty distinctively from Japanese fingertips has been condensed into this one product. By combining Japanese washi paper and western paper as the base material, a beautiful blending of Japan and the West, and a truly Japanese elegance, is expressed. The triangular and pentagonal geometrical forms, and the elegantly curved petals become fine art thanks to the skills of excellent handiwork and the harmony of the materials. This ornament will splendidly colorize the entranceway, alcove, living room or bedside.