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Gozzo (Laver seaweed)

Among the world’s largest fisheries, the waters off the Sanriku shore in Miyagi prefecture are also known as one of Japan’s finest sources of laver seaweed. Off the Sanriku shore, where the laver is sourced, is the meeting point for two currents (the oyashio current and kuroshio current). The intermingling of the two currents gives rise to the blend of delicious-tasting nutrients that are found in abundance here. Characterized by intense, rich flavors and a crisp texture, as well as a dark luster that attests to its high grade, the quality of this laver seaweed is so renowned that it is recognized as an official gift to the Imperial Household of Japan. The high season for cultivating laver seaweed is in mid-winter. Starting work at 2:00 AM, the seaweed collectors start work in subzero temperatures during the dead of night, finishing their collection of the seaweed before dawn. The harvesting process is timed in this way because the process of photosynthesis causes the flavor of the seaweed to deteriorate. Over half of the workers involved in this production process lost their lives in the Great East Japan Earthquake of 11 March 2011, threatening the very survival of the industry; since then, however, production has rebounded. You are invited to try for yourself this top-quality Japanese laver seaweed, created through the hard work of these committed craftspeople.