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Gomaabura de Tsukutta Rayu / Tamajime Ichibanshibori Gomaabura (Chili oil made with sesame oil, Tamajime first-pressed sesame oil)

Abumo Seiyo is a long-established business with a history of more than 370 years that has been continuously making sesame oil using a secret, age-old method called tamajime. The sesame oil is made without additives or excessive pressure. The process waits for the oil to slowly trickle down and impurities to naturally settle. The oil is then filtered using Japanese paper bags. After 8 different spices are added, it is slowly melted in a large pot to produce additive-free chili oil. Both are masterpieces that have rich and refreshing flavor.

[Producer’s Remarks] Just a drop of this authentic sesame oil has the power to elicit flavor from ingredients and foods. Chili oil adds a zingy spiciness that wakes the senses, and has a flavor that you will want to add to everything. Keep it on hand to use like olive oil and discover new flavor experiences. (Shujiro Kusumoto)