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Geroko Monogatari Nagomi Sheet (Aromatic sheets)

The company behind Geroko-Monogatari Nagomi aromatic sheets has long been renowned as the creator of Okudake Geroko, a type of traditional hot compress with a blend of natural herbs that is traditional to the Gero hot spring resort of Japan. Now, in a departure from these medicinal products, the same traditional methods and Mino Washi paper have been used to create pure Japanese-style aromatic sheets, used for spreading natural Oriental herbs over the skin. Using a total of 16 natural essential oils including hinoki and asunaro cypress oils sourced locally and from the nearby town of Hida, as well as lavender, rose and eucalyptus, these sheets can be placed on whichever part of the body the user prefers, allowing him or her to enjoy the natural fragrances. These aromas create a wonderful feeling of relaxation and refreshment throughout the whole body, and a lasting sense of being soothed and pampered that makes these sheets perfect to use at work, while driving, for post-sports refreshment or between bath and bedtime. The vintage-themed packaging with its nostalgic early-20th century twist has also won acclaim.