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Fujisu Premium (Premium vinegar)

Iio Jozo is a vinegar manufacturer established in 1893 in the city of Miyazu on the Sea of Japan in Kyoto prefecture. They continue to use the same ancient brewing methods that are rarely found today. More than 50 years ago Iio Jozo began using only locally-cultivated, pesticide-free rice, making them known as an unusual brewer that takes more than two years to create their vinegar. Fujisu Premium is the result of peerless ingredients and production methods that maximize the exquisite flavor of the rice. This special brewing method uses eight times the amount of rice used in average rice vinegar, producing a soft fragrance and mellow sourness that maximizes flavor to an extent that it almost seems like it contains soup stock. This makes the vinegar delicious even without adding much sugar or salt to dishes when cooking. It can be used in everything from sushi to vinegar dishes, as well as in salad dressings and sauces for seafood and stewed dishes.