The Wonder 500

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The Wonder 500™ Certified Product Details


A stand with easy assembly and expansion that makes practical use of the traditional craft techniques of “origami”. Even though it is paper, it is a unique product that can be used with laptop computers, smart phones, and tablets. It uses the highest-grade Kyoto washi, Kurotani washi, which is particularly efficient with folding and curving. Just by folding it becomes a solid truss structure, so its strength and stability are ample as a stand. It has been designed based on ergonomics, so for example when using it as a laptop stand it leads you to a natural typing posture. At a weight of 15g and thinness of 0.8mm, it excels at being easy and light to carry. It has convenient carrying qualities, for example it can be sandwiched in between a laptop’s keyboard and screen. The unique feel of washi and a richly appealing appearance add to its fascination.