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Edo Ukiyoe Goshuincho (Edo woodblock print goshuin notebook)

Notebooks/Datebooks/Memo Pads
A goshuincho is an accordion-style notebook used to collect stamps and signatures when visiting shrines or temples. The front and back cover of the Edo Ukiyoe Goshuincho (Edo woodblock print goshuin notebook) feature woodblock prints by Hokusai Katsushika and Hiroshige Utagawa, who were artists well respected even outside of Japan. This notebook lasts longer than Western paper, and Japanese washi paper with exceptional styling is painstakingly bound by craftsmen using a kind of Japanese bookbinding called wahon. This goshuin notebook, made with materials and methods only found in Japan, is popular with many foreign tourists as an extraordinary product that expresses “old Japan.” Why not use it to collect stamps to commemorate visits to Japanese shrines and temples? Or, use this accordion-style notebook as a unique journal.