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Edo Glass Guinomi Sakasa Fuji (Upside-down Mt. Fuji sake cup, Edo glass)

Edo glass is a traditional craft that has been passed down since the Edo period. Glass that has been melted at a high temperature of 1400°C is wrapped around an iron pole, then blown, pushed, and lengthened by hand to shape into glass pieces. Edo Kiriko, which is decorated with a pattern called kiriko, is a traditional craft representative of Tokyo that is famous throughout Japan for its beauty. Edo Glass Guinomi Sakasa Fuji is made from Iroseki glass, which uses a glassblowing method producing several layers of glass that was developed over many years of research and maintains the traditions of Edo Kiriko. It captivates the eye with the beauty of the colored glass and the gorgeous light reflected in the Edo Kiriko. Looking from above, the glass depicts fireworks, but when placed upside down, it becomes Mt. Fuji. This product was crafted with the notion of creating an outstanding product that symbolizes Japan.