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Edo Furin Tsubaki (Edo wind chime)

Wind Chimes/Doorbells
Wind chimes originated with the futaku from ancient China. In the beginning, they were talisman bells that warded off spirits with their sound, but around 300 years ago the glass wind chime was created in Japan. In an era without air conditioners, the Japanese kept cool by imagining the refreshing winds blowing each time they heard the sound of wind chimes, which came to be a summer tradition typical of Japan. Edo Furin Tsubaki (Edo wind chime) is being made by artisans who have inherited the traditional techniques. The same manufacturing method is used as in the Edo period, from the shape to the decorative picture. The crafted design, shape, and sound are all one of a kind, with no two wind chimes alike. The wind chime was created from the Japanese idea of finding relief from the heat with sound. Why not experience a refreshing coolness not possible with modern air conditioning?