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Echizen Jitate Shio Uni (Cured sea urchin paste)

Processed Foods (seafood)
Shio Uni is a sea urchin paste with a full-bodied flavor that is made only from the ovaries of Japanese green sea urchin and salt. It has been known since long ago as Echizen Uni, one of Japan’s three greatest delicacies. When paired with Japanese sake, the rich saltiness draws out the sweetness of the sake. Just a spoonful tastes great on a cracker eaten like a canapé. Tentatsu is a long-established shop founded in 1804 that created Shio Uni. It originated when the feudal lord of the Fukui Domain ordered the third-generation owner to produce a preserved food using sea urchins. At the time, it was said to be highly treasured as a gift given to imperial princes and feudal domains. Echizen Jitate Shio Uni maintains the traditional manufacturing process. 100 g of the product contains an extravagant amount, more than 100, of Japanese green sea urchin ovaries. Even as the haul of Japanese green sea urchin declines yearly, Tentatsu continues to manufacture Echizen Jitate Shio Uni, choosing only the best domestically produced ingredients.