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“DUEL” is made from 2 types of trees to make chopsticks from 2 different pieces of wood, and can be used in 2 different ways. Thanks to the skill of Hokkaido woodwork maker “RINKUL”’s Housei Suzuki, these are functional chopsticks that do not need a chopstick stand. The natural wood has been minutely worked on down to the smallest details, using the independently developed NC processor machine. The paint enhances the traditional technique of preserving the texture of the wood. With one touch the sliding part of the chopstick rises up, and by placing it upside down the tip avoids touching the table, making a “chopstick stand unnecessary”. It appears almost as if it is leaning on an invisible stand. The refreshing clicking sound of wood on wood that occurs when the sliding part is raised is also an appealing point. This part can also be taken off so there’s no worry about dust getting stuck inside.