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Dry Fruits no Yokan (Sweet bean jelly with dried fruit)

Cheers of joy go up when this yokan is cut up. The pretty cross-section reveals layers of walnuts, figs, and strawberries, like a terrine. In order to create a Japanese treat that goes well with bread, this product was made from a variety of nuts and dried fruit mixed with choice adzuki beans from Hokkaido and brown sugar from Okinawa. It is moderately sweet, with an exquisite balance between the lumpy feel of figs and the acidity of strawberries. A pinch of rum is added for fragrance.

[Producer’s Remarks]
This yokan is prepared by a young chef who is expanding the possibilities for Japanese confections with a new sensibility, while paying respect to traditional yokan-making learned at a venerable shop. These treats make great gifts that will delight young people and visitors from overseas. They go with bread, of course, but also with wine and butter. (Masaki Yokokawa)