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Doarin (Door chimes)

Wind Chimes/Doorbells
An orin is a Buddhist bowl that is sounded when reading sutras. In Japan, its sound has been used from olden times to purify places by exorcising evil spirits. The Doarin is a brass orin fashioned into a doorbell using traditional Takaoka copperware techniques. Its timbre, which is said to increase the flow of comforting alpha waves to the brain, reverberates pleasantly each time the cover is opened and closed, putting the listener into a refreshed and gentle state of mind. There are various simple and beautiful designs, and one can choose according to one’s taste from the differing timbres. Multiple door chimes can be combined to create enjoyable harmonies. These light and transparent-sounding chimes will sur ely exorcise misfortune coming from the outside and announce visitations of happiness.