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Dashi Soy Sauce (Seasoning sauce:soy sauce base)

An old shop that has been manufacturing shoyu (soy sauce) for over 220 years has produced a richly flavorful sauce that blends naturally brewed soy sauce from Sanuki (Kagawa prefecture in Shikoku), a famous soy sauce-producing region, with a dashi (stock) of natural dried mackerel, dried bonito, and kombu (a kind of kelp), and also it contains 25% less salt than regular commercially available soy sauce. This sauce is infused with flavor by combining soy sauce, the fundamental seasoning of Japanese cuisine, with dashi, an element essential to Japanese cooking. It is an all-around seasoning that can be used in many types of Japanese cuisine that have dashi as a major component. For example, it can be put on a chilled cube of tofu, or diluted for a noodle or boiled vegetable broth. Enjoy the unique Japanese food culture of dashi and shoyu.