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Daitokuji Natto (Daitokuji fermented soy beans)

Processed Foods (soybeans)
Unlike ordinary fermented soy beans, Daitokuji Natto does not produce sticky strings when stirred. The origin of this product can be traced back to the 15th century, when Ikkyu Sojun, one of Japan’s most famous Zen Buddhist monks and a beloved character of children’s literature and animation, introduced to the leading Japanese Zen Buddhist temple of Daitokuji the ancient method for manufacturing fermented soy beans originally imported from China in the 10th – 11th century. Since then, the manufacturer has engaged in meticulous research and development to improve its product in a manner that matches better the Japanese palate against the backdrop of the changing times. Daitokuji Natto’s characteristic flavor is close to that of miso paste and is distinguished by a strong salty taste. Eating Daitokuji Natto is said to have a positive effect on stomach indisposition and bring a sense of relief and lightness. As a natural preserved food, this product does not spoil even at room temperature, so it can easily be carried around. Daitokuji Natto is also a convenient salt supplement during physical activity.