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Curry Udon (Curry udon set)

Kyoto is famous for kaiseki ryori (a traditional meal served in courses), but in fact curry udon is also an enduringly popular dish. Behind this is a culture of soup stock particular to Kyoto, a place that prefers light seasoning and values soup stock that elicits the flavor of ingredients. That soup stock pairs perfectly with curry udon. A refined soup stock made with bonito and kombu is key to the flavor of the curry udon from Mimikou, which has been loved by people in Kyoto for more than 40 years. A complex, profound richness and aroma are produced by adding 11 different spices to that soup stock. This curry udon set lets consumers enjoy at home the curry udon served at that popular restaurant. Anyone can easily make this simply by warming the curry soup and ingredients in the pouch, and pouring over boiled udon noodles to enjoy a new flavor experience combining curry from India and the food culture of Japan. *For markets overseas, instant curry udon (for preservation at normal temperature) is now in preparation. (Will be released by the end of 2015)