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Name Card/Business Card Cases
The aluminum patterns that seemingly float over the jet-black deerskin leather look like a design inadvertently created by nature itself. This card case, which exudes vivid originality, is created by Masako Ban, an internationally and domestically acclaimed designer. By attaching aluminum foil to the deerskin leather and applying special thermal and chemical processing, she has managed to produce a unique texture. Each pattern is different, so there are no two products alike. A leather processing shop in Asakusa, Tokyo, is in charge of processing the materials. A popular sightseeing spot, for ages Asakusa has also been known as a bustling manufacturing area with a thriving leather industry. Sophisticated leather processing technologies are preserved there. Recently, collaborations between local craftsmen and young artists and designers have been on the rise, giving birth to a rich variety of new products based on freewheeling creativity.