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Comi ni tea (Tea ceremony set)

Tea Utensils/Coffee Drippers
Comi ni tea is a set of tea ceremony utensils and tea that allows you to enjoy the tea ceremony anytime, anywhere. It contains 10 different items including a chashaku (tea scoop), chasen (whisk), and chakin (cloth for wiping tea bowls) that are compactly stored in the set. The tea box is Kagawa lacquerware, a type of traditional lacquering method, and made from Japanese cedar which is unique to Japan. The materials and methods used in this set breathe with traditional Japanese culture, including the chakin, which is woven from botaori fabric, a traditional handicraft with over 300 years of history, and the shifuku, a silk pouch for holding the tea caddy, which is made of cloth reused from old kimonos. The matcha green tea included in the kit is produced in Kochi prefecture, and the wasanbon dry candy is made using brown sugar from Kagawa using traditional techniques. With this set you can have a glimpse of the refined art of sado, the tea ceremony, which was raised to a high art 450 years ago in Japan.