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collinette. (Acupressure instrument)

“collinette.” is an aluminum acupressure instrument. The name means “small hill” in French. The product is the result of collaboration between a young product designer and a metalworking manufacturer in Takaoka City, Toyama prefecture. Takaoka is a city that boasts a 400-year old metallurgical industry. The smooth shape fashioned after natural form has a beauty so distinct from ordinary health goods that it could be mistaken for an objet d’art. It is handcrafted by sound casting techniques cultivated over 50 years and craftsmanship that polishes it to a mirror-like shine. Press the bump shaped like a small hill onto shoulders and the nape of the neck, or place it on the floor and step on it for a massage. The cool texture of the material and body-fitting form provides pleasant relief.