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Choco Manto Suika Aji (Sweet snack)

Choco Manto Suika Aji is a new sweet snack that gives a Western-style twist to dango, a traditional Japanese confectionary. Flavorsome dango (chewy rice flour balls) made with 100% Japan-sourced rice powder have been coated with a special chocolate blend created under the supervision of a chocolatier. The dango themselves have been designed to recreate suika (watermelon), a classic summer treat for the Japanese, through the incorporation of red watermelon juice into the dango base, with black sesame seeds added here and there to represent the watermelon seeds. The clever way in which these “watermelons” are brought to life—right down to the watermelon-like patterns that have been individually hand-drawn on the outer surfaces—is a delight to behold. The dango have a soft chewiness which comes from the double-steaming process, which varies from day to day according to the craftsperson’s judgment of the day’s temperature and humidity; contrasted with the crispness of the chocolate coating when chilled, it creates a wonderful combination of different textures. Fun in appearance and delicious to eat, this innovative confectionary concept truly is where East meets West.