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Cast Iron Pen Tray

This pen tray helps to keep a variety of writing tools neat and tidy on the desktop. The cast iron it is created from is produced using a traditional method known as imono, used in Japan’s northeastern Hokuriku Region since the Edo Period (1603-1868). This technique, in which the hot iron is poured into molds and cast in various shapes, is characterized by its substantial and robust appearance. In the creation of this Cast Iron Pen Tray, special attention has been paid to crafting an item that is traditional yet also highly functional, with a very modern sense of style. The most distinctive feature of the design is the generously-sized hole in the center, which has been created to make the pen or pencil easier to pick up, ensuring that the tip does not knock against the tray. The tray stands upon four points set into the bottom, which helps prevent the tray from rocking when the pen is picked up and set down. Users can select from three color variations: black, with a matte surface that brings the beauty of the cast iron itself to the fore; silver, with a subtle luster that has long been favored all over the world for cast ironware; and copper, featuring a beautifully deep color.