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Bisai Accessories

The silver-lipped pearl oyster shell, which is the largest of all pearl oysters, is known in English-speaking countries as “mother of pearl” due to its deep luster and smooth, elegant quality. It has been used since old times as a precious stone in high-quality clock dials and cutlery handles. Bisai Accessories are jewelry pieces created by incorporating this shell into a technique known as maki-e, a form of traditional Japanese lacquerware with a history stretching back more than 400 years. Maki-e is one of several techniques which have been developed to a high level as part of the Yamanaka-shikki lacquerware. In maki-e, pictures and patterns are painted on the surface of an object with lacquer; then, while the lacquer is still wet, it is sprinkled with gold dust, causing a layer of gold to adhere to the surface. This technique has been used to create eight designs incorporating the silver-lipped pearl oyster shell, featuring a seven-spot ladybird, Mt. Fuji, the four seasons of Japan and other motifs.