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BIRDY. Cocktail Shaker (Cocktail shaker)

This beautiful cocktail shaker boasts a superbly-elegant and streamlined sleek design and refined stainless texture. It was developed by a manufacturer of components located in the city of Toyota, Aichi prefecture, an area that has traditionally served as the backbone of Japan’s automotive industry. The company applies its time-tested abrasive technology to process and polish the interior of the shaker. Capable of extracting and accentuating the flavor of cocktails, this product is held in high esteem even by pr ofessional bartenders.

[Producer’s Remarks]
The specific slightly curved outline of the product was chosen as the optimal for mixing cocktail ingredients. The nicely-rounded shape keeps enough air inside the shaker, so the cocktails mixed in it have a mild and pleasant flavor. With it, users can re-create and enjoy the authentic taste of high-grade bars in the comfort of their own home. (Shoko Tsurumoto)