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Beegu Powder

The cultivation of beegu has flourished in the Teruma district of Uruma city ever since the days of the Ryukyu Kingdom (15th-19th centuries). Beegu is the Okinawan language’s word for igusa reeds. As the raw material for the tatami mats and goza mats which traditionally cover Japanese floors, igusa is a material that plays an essential role in the Japanese way of life. Recently, however, it has also been attracting attention for its dietary value, and has been recognized as a so-called “superfood.” Igusa reeds not only provide nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, but also boast one of the highest levels of dietary fiber of all vegetables. Beegu Powder has been created by converting igusa reeds into an edible powderized form. As it takes the form of powder, this superfood is highly versatile and can be used in all kinds of food including bread and cake items. It can also be consumed without cooking, by simply stirring it into milk or yogurt. The raw ingredients that Beegu Powder is made from are all cultivated without the use of agrichemicals. This new health food is becoming the focus of more and more attention.